When the snows fall and the white winds blow,

the lone wolf dies but  t h e  p a c k  s u r v i v e s .

hannibal + patterns


Dreams are excursions into the limbo of things, a semi-deliverance from the human prison. 

- Henri Amiel 


I’ll keep the rules short and sweet as they are always the same.

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  • Ends on the 31st July at 7pm (GMT)
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I want to be at Comic Con promo!!


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Did Hannibal ask you to draw a clock? Said it was an exercise to ground me in the present moment. A handle to help me   h o l d   o n   t o   r e a l i t y.

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make your tumblr the best space for you

you are not on this site to please others or cater to things that upset you

surround yourself only with the things you want to see

your dash should lift your spirits, make you think and smile

if it doesn’t, don’t feel bad about unfollowing or doing whatever you need to do that is right for you

first and foremost, ensure that tumblr is a safe, fun space for you